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Workplace Productivity – Change Management


Empowering Individuals 

ISO 20000 defines the objective of change management as ensuring “all changes are assessed, approved, implemented and reviewed in a controlled manner.” In a disciplined deployment most of the time is investing in planning and training.  Failing to provide adequate resources for training, monitoring, correcting and adjusting will mitigate the benefit of your investment.

Applications have grown so powerful that their functionality is no longer discoverable.  Management frequently underestimates the amount of time and effort it takes for users to embrace new technology.  Users retain only a fraction of what they are taught during implementation.  For that reason, succeeding in a world of change requires a culture in which individuals are empowered to do great things because information is at their fingertips. Although our solutions are all supported by technology, they are implemented by people.  The introduction of new technology is disruptive and there are costs associated with that disruption.  Developing and implementing a change management plan can help an organization minimize these indirect costs (and frustrations).

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