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System Selection & Optimization


Planning thru Analyzation 

Information technology management has become an integral component of every organization’s overall strategy. It is important that users in different functional roles are working with the same information when communicating and making decisions.

Irrespective of the industry in which you operate, the ability to plan, execute, record, report and analyze performance is essential to facilitating continuous improvement and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.  

Historically the challenge has been that what is defined as an ‘optimal’ solution for one user or department may not be a best fit for another organizational unit.  That said, we are far removed from the days when it is cost-prohibitive to optimize systems to fit each user’s unique needs. 

We deliver solutions using several technology platforms. Our goal is to help our clients find the right balance between licensing and customization fees.  More robust platforms are going to have more built-in functionality, but organizations with less complex needs may find they are using only small percentage of the built-in functionality. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Intelligent Business Applications

Our objective is to help the client select a platform that maximizes the value they derive from their information technology investments and aligns with the organization’s strategic objectives.

We can assist with:

  1. Reviewing / mapping existing processes and procedures
  2. Needfinding and gap analysis
  3. Determining best fit solutions

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