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Dynamics 365 for Sales


Deal Management 

Today consumers are far more informed than  sales landscape has changed.  The availability of more information, more people and more choices in on always on, mobile-centric world is making the buying process more complicated than ever.  Buyers are waiting longer to contact sellers, and by the time they talk to the salesperson, they are more than half way through the buying process.

With less value to contribute to the sales process, salespeople are forced to work more opportunities and they end up losing 40 percent of their productivity simply switching between tasks.1  When you consider the other administrative burdens placed on them, most organizations are lucky if their salespeople are selling 33 percent of the time.

Dynamics 365 for Sales is designed to provide a unified business process that optimizes deal management.  The process needs to be adaptive across all touch points and within the context of who your custom is and what they are doing. With Dynamics 365, we can help your company realize exceptional sales results.


SOURCE60% Microsoft & CSO Insights – How to Build a World Class Sales Organization, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/insights-sales-organization-whitepaper-download, 2015

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