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Implementation, Training & Support


Improving Employee Performance 

Without leadership support and employee adoption any technology solution is likely to fail to achieve its objective.  We employ a human-centric, agile development philosophy to help improve user adoption and ease the implementation process. 

Employee engagement creates sustained, pervasive connections.  Conversations across organizations promote better employee experiences and organizational performance.

We provide training to our clients via webinars, group sessions and one-on-one training to help improve adoption and reduce frustration.  Our clients can take advantage of these resources to help maximize the value of their technology investments. 


We will work with management to determine an appropriate implementation strategy for any of the technology solutions we deploy.  More complex systems are generally best rolled out in phases and ideally, we can keep the end-users involved in the design and development of the solution, to help improve adoption and maximize the value of your investment 


We would argue that this is one of the most valuable services we provide. We want to help your people to understand how to use your investment to increase their value to the organization.  This is critical to achieving an integrated cyber-physical system.    


We provided tiered support plans to help keep your systems up and running twenty-four hours a day, seven-days a week.  As a Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider, Kynektyd works directly with Microsoft Engineers to escalate and expedite system related issues. 

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