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We want people to be able to enjoy all the benefits of digital transformation and embrace the technology that is available to them, securely.  Traditional defenses have proven largely ineffective and compliance costs are skyrocketing.  Investing upfront in the right education, resources, tools, and technologies and putting prevention and mitigation at the forefront will become part of your customer success strategy.

The problem is so obnoxious it has become cliché to quote statistics about the number of breaches and the number of compromised records.  The problem is systemic, pervasive and growing exponentially. We can help provide support and guidance to organizations looking to proactively manage cybersecurity exposure.

Kynektyd is prepared to play a supportive or leadership role in the development, implementation and maintenance of your Information Security Management System (ISMS).  We want to be sure we understand how your cybersecurity strategy aligns with your business objectives so we can support your efforts to secure your systems and information.


Broadly, our cybersecurity solutions include:

    1. Information Governance and Data Privacy
    2. Cybersecurity Policy and Program Design
    3. Cybersecurity Risk Assessments and Remediation
    4. Managed Cybersecurity Environments

We can explain the complexities of NIST, ISO and help with development of auditible security programs, but ultimately we base our solutions on five very simple principles.

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